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John Corniola is an Australian drummer based in Melbourne, Victoria...

John Corniola has played drums for over 17 years; he has played in Daryl Braithwaite’s line up since the first live tour when the album Edge was released in 1988. Since then John has been a crucial part of the Daryl Braithwaite live Band. Band members include: Daryl Braithwaite: Vocals, Geoff Wells: Guitar, Mark Amato: Keys, John Corniola: drums and David Collins: Acoustic. The Daryl Braithwaite Band toured throughout Australia in 2007.

He is also involved in other major projects with well-known Australian recording Artists. He is a renown drumming instructor and has played live and in studios for many artists. John Corniola works regularly with Peter 'Reggie' Bowman at Screamlouder Studios in Melbourne Australia.  John played drums on the epic single Australian and a remake of the eighties hit Change in Mood by Ian Sandercoe in 2003.

He appears on the Australian television show Halifax f.p in Episode 9 Sweet Dreams. Actors in the episode included: Rebecca Gibney, Steve Bisley, Max Phipps, Peter Hosking, Kerry Armstrong, Ralph Cotterill, Beth Buchanan, Wendy Stapleton, Chris Milne, Gerald Lepkowski, Amanda Buchanan, Lance Anderson, David Tredinnick, Connie Lee, John Arthars, Greg Day, Michael Edward-Stevens, Chris Connelly, David Ashton, Ed McShortall, Matilda Buczko, Nicholas Crawford-Smith, David Bergin, Cendrine Ryan, Errol Akyalcin, Peter Anderson, Shanti Gudgeon, Charlie Stone, Marcie Bainbridge, Phil Motherwell, Keili Olsen, Tatyana Des Fontaines-Burns and Craig Newman, Colin Hopkins, John Corniola and Gary Deleo as the Band.

Sourced: Drumscene Magazine 'I frequently tour Australia wide and I'm always very proud to see Drumscene in stores when I least expect to. I recall when this magazine was just an idea. Some idea this has turned out to be....awesome! -Wouldn’t expect anything less bro’. Incredible effort Frank and to all involved - keep it rolling. I personally look forward to future issues.” John Corniola.

John is on Drumscene's Advisory Board and is a Drumtek featured artist.

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